Shell U.K. Limited Energy Transition Scholarships 2024

Scholarship Summary

Shell U.K. Limited is offering three scholarships worth £20K for students starting a Master's programme aligned with the Centre for Energy Transition (CET) commencing in September 2024.


Embracing the challenges and opportunities presented by the energy transition requires a wide range of skills and expertise to help ensure a transition that is environmentally sustainable, affordable for all, and ensures security of supply. The Centre for Energy Transition is committed to undertaking data-driven, evidence-based, research to find energy solutions compatible with United Nations Sustainability Goals and which provide skills training to support people and communities seeking to deliver the energy transition.

As an integrated energy company, Shell U.K. Limited is committed to the development of future professionals who will be instrumental in supporting the energy transition in the north-east of Scotland and across the UK. We are delighted to receive Shell's support for programmes that are providing applied training in Aberdeen to students who will form part of the city's and region's future.


The Shell Centre for Energy Transition Scholarships are open to applications from students who hold an offer for one of the following full time on-campus programmes, commencing in September 2024:
  • Advanced Chemical Engineering (MSc)
  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
  • Advanced Structural Engineering (MSc)
  • Artificial Intelligence (MSc)
  • Chemistry for Sustainable Energy (MSc)
  • Data Science (MSc)
  • Decommissioning (MSc)
  • Energy Transition Systems and Technologies (MSc)
  • Environmental Science (MSc)
  • Geographical Information Systems (MSc)
  • Geophysics (Energy Resources Geophysics Pathway) (MSc)
  • Industrial Robotics (MSc)
  • Integrated Petroleum Geoscience (MSc)
  • Offshore Engineering (MSc)
  • Oil and Gas Engineering (MSc)
  • Oil and Gas Enterprise Management (MSc)
  • Petroleum Data Management (MSc)
  • Petroleum Engineering (MSc)
  • Process Safety (MSc)
  • Renewable Energy Engineering (MSc)
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (MSc)
  • Rural Surveying & Rural Property Management (MLE)
  • Safety and Reliability Engineering (MSc)
  • Subsea Engineering (MSc)
  • Subsurface Energy Engineering (MSc)
  • Sustainability Transitions (MSc)
  • Sustainable Energy Geosciences (MSc)
  • Sustainable Product, Process and Energy Engineering (MSc)

The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and interview performance.

Students may not hold more than one corporate-funded scholarship at any one time.

Method of Application 

Application Deadline

3rd of May 2024
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