How to Clean Hard Drive Using DiskPart and Command Prompt

Hard drive can be clean utilizing various techniques. One might know how to clean hard drive in one manner while another may be aware to do it in an alternate technique. Notwithstanding, today, we will be taking a gander at how you can format your hard drive using DiskPart and Command prompt.
Cleaning computer hard drive is critical, yet while perhaps not appropriately handle, it can deliver the system non-functional. One of the manners in which you can save your hard drive is performing a DiskPart. A hard drive formatted is constantly come new and new. The cycle clears every one of the put away information. This article will direct you through the DiskPart orders and approaches to format hard drive with DiskPart and Command Prompt.

We will utilize the command "Clean" while performing hard drive formatting. But then, what is DiskPart Clean do? We will look into that as we ride on… .

The utilization of "clean" command in Diskpart, clean the “chosen circles” and every one of the information from the hidden sectors. Everything stored gets erased, and can't be recover. For that reason, it is encouraged to back up your important information on the system to an external drive like flash, external hard drive or any other storage media.

Presently, let begin…

Stage 1
Open Command Prompt, and run it as an administrator.

Stage 2
Type the command “diskpart” without the inverted comma, and press 'Enter' to launch DiskPart as displayed beneath

Step 3: Type "list disk" and press 'Enter’ This will list all the drives that are available with the computer.

Stage 4

Select the Drive you need to format by typing “select disk” without the inverted comma. The number “2” in the command needs to be replaced with the drive number you want to clean. Make sure you put the right number else you will end up cleaning the wrong drive

Ensure you put the right number else you will end up cleaning some unacceptable drive

Step 5

Type "clean" and press Enter. The command will clean the required hard drive ranging from all files and folders of the drive permanently.

Step 6

Once the cleaning process completes successfully, the command prompt will show the message that DiskPart cleaning is successful. Close the window from the button located up in the right corner or type “exit” and Enter.

I believe this help!
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