How I Gain Admission to 8 Universities in UK For Free

Hi… .. I am Richard!

Do you have any idea that you can acquire admission to any university abroad without the assistance of any specialist or let say… . Counseling firm? If the response is "yes" or “no”!
I have heard many individuals posing inquiries like:

Could I at any point apply to UK colleges without specialist?
  • Is it better to apply to UK colleges through specialists?
  • How might I apply to UK colleges straightforwardly?
It’s all… very simple.

Today, I will jump at the chance to impart to you how I got admissions to 8 Universities in UK without paying a feast to any one called specialist. I will show you bit by bit. I got admission to the following universities:
  1. University of Portsmouth - MSc Geographical Information System
  2. University of Bath – MSc Environmental Engineering
  3. Manchester Met University - MSc Occupational Safety, Health and Environment
  4. Edge Hill University - MA Conservation Management
  5. University of South Wales - MSc Geographical Information System
  6. University of Sussex - MSc Migration and Global Development
  7. Middlesex University – MSc Occupational Health Safety and MSc Environment and Environmental Health
  8. University of Aberdeen – MSc Geographical Information System
You too can get admitted to any UK university without paying a feast to any one called specialist.

Applying to a UK university is extremely easy to get confirmation. It is a straightforward process if you have all the requirements readily available. Different universities have different necessities for the courses they offer. Before you apply for admission, you should check in the event that you are qualified to present your application. It just requires your little effort to set up the essential information.

Here are some steps to help you with getting everything rolling:

1. Research the University

Find out the university you wish to study which offer the program you are keen on and make decision. Don’t forget, going to study in UK is your chance to acquire the abilities, viewpoint, skills and certain realities of your true dream. To guarantee you, you have to pick the course that is ideal for yourself and for what you need to accomplish, it is ideal to peruse however much you can about the scope of courses, schools and universities accessible and look at them.

2. Check the Course Requirements

Checking the course passage requirements is additionally significant. You can do this utilizing their course search apparatus, or the course profiles on the foundations' sites. Assuming that you have any inquiries, you can contact the university straightforwardly, who will be extremely eager to assist you find the data you want.

3. Check Programme Requirements

Check the requirements necessary for the programme you wish to apply. These incorporate least grades, English language capability test scores (TOEFL, IELTS and so forth), and different archives like records, documents etc.

4. Prepare Your Documents

Documents includes:
  • Passport, transcript, acquired certificates
  • English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS etc.) For Nigeria applicants, you can use WAEC in place of TOEFL, IELTS or any other English language proficiency certificate.
  • Personal statement or Motivational letter indicating your interest in your course of study or and reasons why you wish to study in the UK
  • References (Academic Reference letter) from your past school, and (Professional Reference Letter) from your organization attesting to your character, attitude, years of work experience, and other professional experience.
This part of the admission process is very important because it qualifies your admission. Your motivational letter and the kind of referee you forward to the university during the application process speak much of who you are and academic capabilities. So, you need to be very careful when writing your personal state for your choice of study. Take a clue of my personal statements that granted my admission to one of the universities in the UK. It’s just a sample. You can download and use it as an example but don’t copy words to words because courses may be different.

All of the UK universities mentioned from the beginning of this article and many more requires WAEC results with C6 in English Language as alternative to other English Proficiency certificate (TOEFL or IELTS etc.) which is for non-English speaking countries who need to study in UK. In the case of Nigeria and some other countries in Africa, your WAEC with C6 in English Language qualifies you for admission but then, it is additionally best to check with the particular UK university or school you are keen on to decide their affirmation necessities for global understudies, incorporating those with WAEC results. They will actually want to furnish you with itemized information on the application requirements and any extra prerequisites.

4. Register and Apply to the University

After your exploration and getting all the necessary information ready, you will have to register as a first timer before you apply to the university or school straightforwardly or through a concentrated application framework UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) for affirmation.

UCAS is a private limited company based in Gloucestershire, England, incorporated on 27 July 1993, their main role is to provides educational support services and to operate the application process for British universities and colleges. Therefore, ensure you present a total application structure with every one of the expected records. If necessary, get somebody to audit your application. One of the main pieces of your affirmation application is your own assertion. You should give a fantastic individual assertion.

5. Accept Your Offer

Within two to four weeks depending on the choice of university, there will reach you typically through email to let you know whether you have gotten an offer to study or not. Assuming you applied through UCAS following the situation with your application status whenever is simple.

If you are acknowledged with an unconditional offer to study, then, at that point, congrats! You have a spot and you can acknowledge acceptance immediately.

If you are acknowledged with a conditional offer, the spot is yours the same length as you meet a couple of additional prerequisites. This could be accomplishing sure test grades or English language test scores, formal school transcript, passport, and other requirements for admission.

For a few courses you might be approached to come for a meeting before you accept your offer, either on the telephone or in some cases face to face. Check the course data before you apply to see if this is required.

I believe this will help, CONGRATULATION!
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